Support through offerings

Your love offerings will change the future of the poor

HIS Foundation does not receive funds from the government. Our annual expense of around HKD 3 million is from the offerings. If you wish to support our work through monetary offerings, please download and use the form “Response and offering”. HIS Foundation is a registered charity. Offering of not less than HK$100 is tax-deductable on production of valid receipt.


Offerings from Hong Kong and overseas

1. Please make your crossed cheque payable to “HIS FOUNDATION LTD.” and post to
   Rm1401, Workingfield Commercial Building, 408 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

    2. Credit cash to HSBC account no. (042-1-049479)

    Please post your cheque or bank pay-in slip to us for the issue of receipt. Offering not less than HK$100 with valid receipt may apply for tax deduction.


Offerings from the United States and Canada

Please make your crossed cheque payable to “HIS FOUNDATION”and post to P.O. Box 2638, Fullerton, CA 92837, U.S.A. (The receipt can be used to apply for tax deduction in the United States.)

Contact person︰James Lau, M.D.


Form for response and offering