We started providing educational services in 2001 to develop the talents of the next generation. These include the following areas.



      Since September 2003, we have subsidized 197 students in Gushi Xian and Xin Xian until they complete junior secondary and primary education respectively. Since the mainland government new policy of nine years of free and compulsory education in rural areas, waiving book fees and and subsidizing boarding schools in August 2005, our scholarship scheme has shifted to subsidizing financially depraved senior secondary school students in the rural areas with good academic achievement . In 2006, we organized “Tianlin Class” together with No. 19 Secondary School of Luoyang. In 2008 and 2009, we continued to subsidize the senior secondary school graduates of Gushi Xian and “Tianlin Class” to pursue university education. We are now offering scholarship programmes in Gushi Xian, Luoyang District, Sanmenxia Shi, Nanyang Shi, Zhoukou Shi, Puyang Shi and Anyang Shi.


      Summer classes/camps

      Our services, be it medical or educational, are life services. In addition to rebuilding schools and providing scholarships, we have further liaised with the schools to organize extra-curricular activities and student exchange programmes. We have conducted summer youth camps since 1995 and summer children camps for primary school students since 2002 to enhance a positive attitude towards learning and values in life, promote healthy living and cultivate love for oneself and each other.

      Teacher training

      We started conducting training courses for mainland teachers in 2004, particularly in English language teaching and educational psychology, to improve teaching in rural areas where there is an acute shortage of proficient teachers as schools have incorporated English into the curriculum according to State regulation. Most teachers are understress and would benefit from educational psychology enabling them to understand themselves and their students better.
      We started a visiting program for meritorious mainland teachers to Hong Kong in 2011, with a view to inspiring education officials to initiate reforms in schools and facilitate interaction with Christian volunteers, to understand how one can live a purpose-driven life.

      Re-building school campus

      From 2002 to 2012, we have re-built/renovated the facilities of eleven primary schools in different parts of Henan to provide a safer learning environment for the students. These facilities include teaching blocks, dormitories and playgrounds some of which were dilapidated to the extent of endangering the safety of the students.。

      ﹣2012 Tianlin Dizhangxiang Zhongxin Primary School

﹣2010 Tianlin Guduo Primary School

﹣2010 Tianlin Laoliji Zhongxin Primary School

﹣2007 Tianlin Hecun Primary School

﹣2007 Tianlin Daying Zhongxin Primary School

﹣2006 Tianlin Yaoying Primary School

﹣2005 Tianlin Wujianshan Primary School

﹣2005 Tianlin Nanyuan Primary School

﹣2005 Tianlin Shangcangfang Primary School

﹣2005 Tianlin Chongdugou Priamry School

﹣2002 Tianlin Shimen Priamry School

Donation of books

THIS has expanded the resources of the schools, enriched the teaching content and extended the knowledge boundaries, thus benefitting both teachers and students.

Health education

The Health Education Teams incorporate both medical and educational elements and focus on imparting basic health and hygieneawareness to primary school students in the rural areas to facilitate cultivate healthy habits. We also share the message of love through puppet shows to instill in the students the need to love others as oneself.