Disaster relief

HIS has participated in the following disaster-relief work:

    • The Eastern China Flood in 1991-1993

1991-1992, “Blood-relationship” Disaster Relief Campaign to provide assistance to victims, rebuilt 12 clinics and emergency stations in the rural areas of Henan.

1992-1993, the “Warmth Delivery” Campaign to provide “warmth packages” to victims who lost their homes and were facing a severe winter. Each worthed HKD300 and consisted of warm clothes, sleeping quilts, cans and snacks. Over HKD10,000,000 were collected in the campaign.


  • 1992 Famine in Somaliland

1992 Famine in Somaliland: put up a newspaper appealfor support for the 4,500,000 people suffering from hardship, pain, and imminent death. The donations were deposited directly into the Hong Kong Red Cross Somaliland Fund.


  • 1994 Southern China Flood

1994 Southern China Flood: HISF made a donation of HKD160,000 dollars and visited the victims and assisted in the construction of wells in Hunan, which provided the victims with alternative sources of water thereby alleviating the problem of the pollution of drinking water.


  • 1996 Lijiang,Yunnan Earthquake of magnitude

1996 Lijiang,Yunnan Earthquake of magnitude Grade 7 and the calamity covered an area of radius 100 miles. Around 180,000 houses were destroyed, ruining the calamity districts. HISF donated over $130,000 to help the victims.


  • 2001 Inner Mongolia Ice Storm:

2001 Inner Mongolia Ice Storm: HISF donated over HKD600,000 for the purchase of food stuff for the victims. Some HISF members went to the disaster area to visit and convey condolences to the victims.


  • 2005 Southern Asia Tsunami

2005 Southern Asia Tsunami: HISF, in collaboration with Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, called upon people to render assistance to the victims. HISF donated USD 42500 to support World Vision, Cedar Fund and Tin Lang Ministry in the calamity areas.


  • 2008 Snow disaster in Henan

2008 Snow disaster in Henan before the Lunar New Year, the most severe snow weather in the recent 50 years,particularly disastrous in Henan and Guizhou. HISF contributed to the provision of food stuff for 10,000 victim families, and the reconstruction of dwelling houses for 30 families, a rural clinic and 8 bridges.


  • 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

2008 Sichuan Earthquake , causing tremendous damages and deaths. HISF received a total donation of some HKD400,000 from Christians of both Hong Kong and the United States. The donation was passed to MSI Professional Services, which had continuously taken part in the post earthquake disaster work, for the reconstruction projects in Sichuan.