Event Calendar

  • The Annual Thanksgiving Service - 17 October 2021

  • The Annual Thanksgiving Service of the HIS Foundation will be held on 17 October 2021. This will be a time for us to offer thanks to the Lord for the blessings He has showered us in different areas of our mission, such as relief work, medical services, wheelchair assembly and donation and education. Various volunteer will share their experience and God’s grace. We cordially welcome all who share in the mission and vision of the HIS Foundation to come and share God’s grace and His blessings and to celebrate this memorable occasion with us.

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Service Team schedule

  • Service team dates

  • The dates for our medical, educational and wheelchair service teams in 2015 have been set. Please make leave-and financial arrangements to fit into the scheduled time slots and join our services for the glory of the Lord in helping students, the poor, the sick and the needy. We believe in impacting lives witnessing God’s great love and Christ’s salvation through serving.

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HIS stories

  • <Their letters – stories of our surgical teams>
  • These videos record some of the stories of our earlier patients who had received operations from our volunteer surgeons. Most of them had serious foot disabilities. They could not walk and some even had to crawl. Rectification(?) surgeries had helped them regain human dignity and hope. The video is a record of their restoration in the last decade. Some of them have established careers and got married with children and some had accepted Christ as thir saviour.

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